Benefits of EMSculpt Neo Treatment


EMSculpt Neo Treatment

You may be wondering what’s the difference between just getting the EMSculpt or the EMSculpt Neo option.

In other situations, you might be thinking of getting body sculpting done but looking for ways to get a non-invasive treatment.

In this guide, you’ll know the differences and similarities between the two techniques to help you decide which one is right for you.

Know that both of these procedures will help cut through the fats while you’re essentially building your muscle mass.

These two happen simultaneously, but the difference is usually found in the body’s skin, muscles, and fats. They can also be different in terms of the technology used, but the results are burning fats and toning your body.

Before getting into more details, let’s take a look first at the procedures that can help with your journey into muscle-building and fat loss.

What is an EMSculpt?

EMSculpt is a non-surgical technique that burns the fat cells while building muscle mass at the same time. You might be searching for words like EMSculpt Neo treatment near me on your computer, and fortunately, you’re on the right track.

Know that this is FDA-approved, and the techniques include the utilization of high-intensity electromagnetic pulses on the muscles that are causing them to contract.

The results are strengthened, toned, and tightened muscles that look as if you’re doing squats or crunches.

Know that there’s the presence of deep supramaximal contractors that can remodel the targeted muscles’ inner structures, and this reduces the fat cells. The result is a well-toned and sculpted look that does not need any medical downtime or surgery.

In the Neo version, many patients have the power to burn through their stores of fats. This is a treatment that was launched in late 2020, and many believe that this will be the next big thing. It uses similar electromagnetic energy on the standard EMSculpt device.

However, the primary difference is the added radiofrequency energy that can burn through the stores of fats with the help of heat.

The unique mix can get more reduction, and intense muscle builds as a result.

Areas of the Bodies where Both Treatments Apply

The two procedures can be applied in the following five areas:

  • Calves – You can quickly improve the size and shape of the muscles in your calf areas
  • Legs – You can slim down the saddlebags or reduce the overall circumference of your thighs
  • Arms – You can increase your biceps or triceps while you’re tackling your “bingo wing” fat
  • Buttocks – You can gain significant sculpting in your butt area without needing to make any effort
  • Abdomen – Get a well-defined six-pack and a tighter stomach using the appropriate procedure

What are the Differences?

The difference between EMSculpt Neo and EMSculpt is the makeup of technology behind the two.

Most of the EMSculpt techniques rely on the energy of HIFEM to achieve a significant reduction of fats and tone up all the muscles in the body.

Meanwhile, there’s the Neo version that is considered a first-class treatment that combines radiofrequency and technology.

It blends out the heat with the help of the HIFEM, which is unique compared to other body-contouring devices. Learn more about the things that you need to know about the procedures on this site here.

The Neo treatment involves a patented electrode and can boost heat levels. This will make it more efficient, and the muscle build-up becomes much faster and more robust. The layers of fats are known to steadily break down while the damaged cells are metabolized inside the body.

This is considered a permanent fat removal procedure and will mimic the effect of other treatments like fat freezing. This is when similar layers of fats are destroyed using temperature.

However, this does not have any benefits in building up the body.

The Neo is considered to be a standout treatment in the world of body contouring. A single 30-minute or hour-long session can contract muscles more than 20,000 times.

It can also boast more significant fat loss with more than 25% fats getting burned, while the mass can increase up to 30% after about three months of treatments.

Who is Suitable for these Procedures?

Who is Suitable for these Procedures

As these treatments have emerged recently in the industry as leaders, this is usually for patients who want to experience maximum efficiency while redefining their bodies in the process.

If you’re curious about this, you might want to consult your physician or see a specialist in EMSculpt for more information. The advanced ability of the treatment to burn fats is for those who have a lot of weight that they want to lose.

Even if the Neo brings much more results and faster fat removal processes, many patients may still prefer the classic method of EMSculpt.

This is better if you have fewer fats that you want to lose. Those pinchable skin on your love handles are considered to be excess, and they should be removed.

However, it can be a bit of an overkill if you choose the Neo one for the procedure.

Read articles about these treatments in this web address:

Benefits to Know About

Both the treatments achieve muscle toning and fat reduction. Aside from these two, they can also restore the wall strength of the muscles, aid women who have just given birth, or patients who are suffering from Rectus Abdominis or separation of muscles in the stomach area. Both of these are non-surgical processes, and patients usually have a short downtime.

They can both do the following:

  • Reduce fats and tone up the muscles
  • No downtime or no need for anesthetic because of the non-surgical treatments involved
  • Generate proven results in the FDA-approved technology
  • Visible reduction of fats and muscles in just four sessions

However, know that the upgraded technology of Neo can increase the muscle’s mass by about 25% while it’s only about 16% on the traditional EMSculpt.

The body fats may achieve 19% in the EMSculpt alone, but it can go into a whopping 35% in Neo, where patient satisfaction is more than 95% on average. This is just after three months of continuous treatments. There’s also visible reducing sagging pockets of the skin.

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