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Sweat and Hyperhidrosis

Sweat is needed for thermoregulation of the body.

Sweating is necessary to process because it cools our body during hot weather or stress. Sweat helps maintain a normal temperature.

People always sweat, even if they don’t notice it. You can see the sweat dripping from your hands or face only when the rate of sweating is higher than normal. This usually happens when it is hot, during physical exercise, or in response to stress.

If hands, feet, armpits are always sweaty then you have hyperhidrosis. The best treatment against excessive sweating is procedures with an iontophoresis machine.

Such sessions can reduce or stop sweating of hands, feet, armpits.

Sweaty palms

Palms often sweat in stressful situations, when we are afraid or aroused. This is because the eccrine sweat glands are concentrated in the palms, forehead, and feet. They are associated with the sympathetic nervous system, which activates sweating when we are stressed.

Some people with hyperhidrosis (or excessive sweating) find themselves sweating in the palms of their hands. This condition is called hands hyperhidrosis. For some people, the problem of sweaty palms disappears with age, while others suffer from hyperhidrosis all their lives.

Effective is iontophoresis sessions which you can do on a machine. Such iontophoresis machines are using by doctors because they give awesome results.

Here are some quick tips on how to stop sweating of hands:

  1. Wash hands regularly. If they are not too dirty just use water, as constant washing with soap can make the skin dry.
  2. Carry wet wipes with you and dry your hands with them all day or when necessary.
  3. Hands gels help you clean and dry your hands when you can’t wash them.
  4. Talcum powder dry skin well, so carry a small bottle of talcum powder in your bag.
  5. Gloves make your palms sweat even more as the skin cannot breathe effectively under the fabric. Wear gloves only in winter.
  6. There are other treatments against excessive sweating on the palms. One of the most popular is procedures with a home-use iontophoresis machine.

When hands are always sweaty it can gives discomfort in life. For example, you cannot shake hands.

Please note – if you have sweating during the physical activity then excessive sweating is normal. Just wash your body and change wet clothes, shoes.

Sweat is saltwater?

Sweat is saltwater

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In most cases – Yes. Such liquid is good for cooling the body. When our nervous body is producing more sweat. Excessive sweating can be on those parts:

  • hands;
  • feet;
  • forehead;
  • face.

Too much saltwater is not good for skin health. That’s why treatment of hyperhidrosis is necessary. Sweat can destroy skin and as a result, it can receive red color, feet fungus, and many other skin diseases. Only dermatologists can give you some advice.

How to reduce sweat smell.

Smell depends on the food which we eat. Also if you like: coffee, chocolate, hot tea then it can be a reason for excessive hands, feet, face sweating, and smell from your body.

The first step which can help is proper body care. Here are some simple rules:

  • wash your armpits and legs twice a day with soap. After washing, the body must be thoroughly dried.
  • shave your armpits regularly
  • change and wash clothes regularly
  • choose clothes made from natural fabrics – cotton, wool, and silk
  • wear antibacterial copper oxide sports socks
  • do not eat strong-smelling and spicy food
  • don’t drink too much coffee or alcohol

In addition deodorants or antiperspirants can help fight it. The ingredients that make up their composition create an environment uncomfortable for bacteria on the skin. The aroma of the deodorant will mask the smell of sweat. It gives only temporary results.

More activity, more sweating, and as a result more smell from the body. Deodorants do not constrict the sweat glands: the person continues to sweat, while the unpleasant odor is masked due to perfume fragrances, and there is also a slight drying effect (but it is not long-lasting).

Antiperspirant can reduce sweating. They have special ingredients. Deodorants can help only against the smell.

We don’t always have the opportunity to take bath or shower immediately after we sweat. Bacteria and their waste products increase and as a result, we get more smell from body, clothes, shoes.

At the same time, bacteria accumulate in a favorable humid environment, which begins vigorous activity.

For those who suffer from hyperhidrosis, it can be a big problem. Always sweaty feet, armpits, shoes, clothes.

How to stop sweating, hyperhidrosis treatment of hands and feet.

Medicine has several methods that can treatment hyperhidrosis. The most popular and effective is iontophoresis procedures. Also, it is the cheapest way against sweaty hands, feet.

You can buy special iontophoresis sweating machine and make sessions at home. Such device is small, home-use and cheap.

It really helps against sweating. You will have dry hands and feet. Procedures are safe and give perfect results without visiting hospitals or doctors.

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