Improve Your Health with Earthing


Improve Your Health with Earthing

Your body is a complex electrical system. What do engineers know about electrical systems?

They must be grounded to the earth or else risk building up a large amount of static.

Harmful electromagnetic fields are everywhere in our environment. Some doctors believe radiofrequency, or RF, radiation may even lead to cancer. Common man-made sources include the following:

  • Signals from radio and TV broadcasting
  • Cell phone base stations
  • WiFi and Bluetooth
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
  • Body scanners at security points that use millimeter wave technology

Some workers are exposed to RF radiation at work. Broadcast engineers and radar equipment maintenance workers are examples.

Employers are required to take steps to protect employees, as noted in OSHA guidelines. Personal injury protection should be top-of-mind for managers in high-risk fields.

Gently Balance Your Body

Healing is thought to take place by connecting with the negative ions on top of the surface of the earth. Earthing, or grounding, is shown to stabilize physiology and produce whole-body benefits.

Earthing enthusiasts report better sleep, inflammation reduction, increased immunity, and a reduction in pain.

The practice has also been shown to improve the flow of lymphatic fluid and blood to the heart. So how exactly is earthing accomplished?

Going Barefoot Outside

Going Barefoot Outside

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The cheapest, easiest way to ground yourself is by walking around outside with no shoes on. Go ahead, dig your toes in the sand.

There are reasons why you feel better after a trip to the beach. Sand underfoot and salty ocean air provides you with a hefty dose of negative ions.

It doesn’t have to be your feet, however. Exposing any part of your body to the soil for an extended period of time can be beneficial. Planting in a garden? You may unknowingly be grounding yourself by playing in the dirt.

Mats for Earthing

Of course, not all of us can walk around outside barefoot on a regular basis. Luckily, there are other options. Earthing mats have a carbon infusion and conductive top layer that’s connected to the ground port of an electrical outlet through a cord.

Mats are versatile and can be used anywhere. Some people place an earthing mat across their body while online and in close proximity to a computer. Mats can also be spread across your lap while you’re watching television. You can travel with them and bring them to the office or on vacation.

Sheets for Earthing

Imagine having a protective shield around your body during sleep. Earthing bed sheets have a conductive material, often silver, woven throughout the fabric. Similar to mats, they are connected to a wire that is plugged into the grounding port.

Several options exist for bedding, including full sheet and comforter ensembles. Sheets can be used to cover a bed, couch, futon, or anywhere you might be at risk for RF radiation exposure.

Why You Should Use Grounding Techniques

People spend most of their time indoors and above ground in buildings. Research shows that the general population’s health has declined as we’ve become disconnected from the earth.

Electron imbalances occur inside of our bodies because we’re exposed to too many disruptive positive ion charges. The instability seeps through the very core of our bodies and can lead to degenerative illness.

Free electrons, like those produced in your body when earthing, are released by the sun and lightning, which keeps plants and animals healthy. Sometimes the simplest remedies are the best.

Earthing provides all of us with a wonderful way to relax and destress, knowing that we are balancing the electrical matrix of our body, mind, and soul.

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