Best 5 Sources Of Protein That Can Help You To Lose Weight


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Consuming foods that are rich sources of protein can be helpful in many ways including weight loss, muscle building, and feeling fuller after eating. Therefore, following a diet full of proteins can be the best-balanced diet essential for your health and fitness.  Protein is one of the most crucial macronutrients needed by the body for cell regeneration and growth. Usually, a person needs to have 0.8 gram of protein every day to remain fit and healthy but when you want a special diet full of protein sources, the quantity of protein enhances as per your goals.  

Therefore if you are planning to go on a high protein diet, it can help you to avoid overeating, and that ultimately leads to losing weight. You just have to add some extra proteins to your meals and give one or two weeks to boost your protein slowly. If you want to add lots of protein to your diet and you might have liver or kidney disease, address it with your doctor first. Combining a high protein diet with a workout can help you to build up lean muscles. Lean muscles can burn your calories throughout the day which helps you to lose weight. But remember calories still count. 

So before choosing sources rich in protein make sure that they are lower in saturated fat and calories and rich in nutrients. In this article, we will discuss the 5 best sources of protein.

Cottage Cheese

This dairy product contains an excess of protein. It also gives a healthful portion of calcium and other nutrients. Cottage cheese is a staple of many low-calorie diets. You can prepare curry, fry it or add it to your salad. There are numerous ways to combine cottage cheese into your diet. It can boost satiety and assist you to build lean muscle.



Eating unhealthy foods between meals often destroys the weight loss plan. To maintain and stay on track you should choose healthy snacks because there can be nothing better than nuts. Nuts and seeds are a big source of protein and other essential nutrients. Consuming some nuts can provide you 6-10 grams of protein and also retain you fuller till your next meal.



Lentils are simple to cook and delicious food that can be an excellent source of protein for vegetarians. There are several different varieties of lentils that you can cook in different ways to combine into your diets such as  Moong dal or chana dal that all are packed with nutrients and protein that can assist your weight loss plan. A cup full of lentils carries 18 grams of protein and around 16 grams of fiber. They retain you fuller and assist in easy bowel movements. They are very affordable and may promote heart health.


Chicken Breast


Chicken breast can be another source of high-quality protein for people who are non-vegetarians. 85 grams of chicken carries approximately 20 grams of protein and barely 1 gram of fat. Chicken breast is low in calories and combining them into your meal can assist you to stay fuller for a longer time and satisfied. Avoid using too much oil or fat while making the chicken and you can add some veggies to your dish. Make sure you have fresh chicken and not the processed ones.



Eggs are considered to be one of the most nutritious foods. One whole egg carries 6 grams of protein and other micronutrients needed by your body to work properly. It is recommended to eat eggs in balance when trying to drop kilos. Combine some veggies like spinach, capsicum, and tomatoes to make your eggs more healthy and nutritious.


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