Anger Management: 10 Tips To Relax Your Heart & Mind When Angry


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Anger is a natural response and feelings towards something that hurts you. It cannot go away very easily but you have to learn to manage it anyhow. Through anger management, the effect of anger on you can be reduced or managed. Anger is a very strong feeling, a natural and healthy emotion that can happen with anyone when they are disappointed, frustrated, and annoyed. 

It can support or harm you depending on how you respond to it. If you respond without hurting someone else it can be good for yourself. It is helpful when you need to defend yourself, and it can motivate you to improve things. But it can also make you lash out in ways that you should not. If you keep your anger within yourself, it can cause passive-aggressive behavior like going back at people without notifying them for being so critical and unfriendly. Understanding how to identify and communicate these feelings in suitable ways can assist you to manage emergencies, solve problems, and continue meaningful relationships. 

But if your anger develops into aggression and turns more frequently, now the time has come to address and resort to it in ways to control and manage it.


Take a long breath

When you are full of anger and out of control, take a long breath. It can relax your nerves and your muscles.


Have a walk

Walking alone is the best way to control your anger. It assists you to calm down and relaxes all your muscles. It can help you rethink what went wrong and what can you do to solve the matter.


Calm yourself with positive words

When you are full of anger, negative words can be generated automatically. At such a stage, you have to speak positive words to yourself that can eliminate the negative words and soothe your mind and heart.


Listen to music

Music is the best option when you are angry. It diverts your mind from such hard feelings and gives your mind peace and serenity.


Stretch muscles

When you are angry, your muscles tighten up. You should try some muscle stretching exercises to loosen your muscles and relax your joints.


Spend time with yourself

Spending time alone can give peace of mind. A peaceful environment can help you reduce the anger inside you. Stay away from people who spread negativity and especially those who make you angry.


Write down your thoughts

Write down in a notebook whatever is going on in your mind. Write everything that makes you angry. It can help to reduce your mental burden and stress.


Communicate with your most trusted friend

When you are angry and your thoughts are getting out of control, talk to your best friend or someone whom you trust the most. Telling him or her whatever you are thinking can relax your heart and brain.


Train your mind to watch the positive side

Do not always look on the negative side. Try to think from another side of the story as well. Sometimes some misunderstandings should be cleared out. Don’t always expect negative outcomes, you should be positive, and train your mind positively.


The bottom line

Being angry does not benefit anyone. It is good to speak with someone and try to figure out some solutions. The solution is the key. In addition to this, you can try other things to manage your anger such as avoid drinking alcohol too much, get support from others, try to laugh, listen to others, and watch funny videos.


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